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5 Most Attractive Destinations in the USA for 2020

The United States of America is not only one of the most diverse countries of the world but also ranked among the biggest countries in terms of the land it covers. Even if you devote all your life to explore the USA it hardly would be possible to attend all the major cities of this country that consists of 50  individual states. This probably is one of the big reasons why the USA attracts a huge number of visitors every year from all across the world. 

Be it the amazingly nice natural beauties like Alaska, Yellowstone, the tourist hub of sunny beaches in Florida and California or the skyscrapers of the New York, the united states would never disappoint you whenever you be there regardless of the purposes of business, study, medical treatment or just solely as a tourist, loads of fun and experience is there for sure. 

As mentioned earlier, it is pretty much impossible to check out all the attractive places in the USA, however, we will try listing out 5 such places/cities from the United States of America which you will regret not visiting despite visiting the USA. They are full of fun, beauty and the top attraction to a huge number of travelers. 

5. Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City is going to have the first-ever new hub airport in the USA of the 21st Century. The rebuilding process of the existing SLC is going on and the $3.6 billion worth new airport is going to be operational from September 2020. 

A completely new light-rail station will be introduced to the 25 million annual passengers of the airport to make things easier for them while roaming around. You’ll have some of the best ski resorts of the world like Brighton, Solitude, Alta, and Snowbird within a few minutes distance from the airport. Kimpton Hotel Monaco could be a great option to stay along with a lot of other convenient hotels. 

4. Orlando, Florida

If you are a theme park lover or in case you have a bunch of kids in your touring team, Orlando is the best place in the USA (perhaps the best in the world). You’ll have plenty of theme parks to enjoy in Orlando along with the Disney World itself. Orlando is a science hub as well. People who are space, science enthusiasts can visit the Orland Science Center, Kennedy Space Center, etc. Tourists have plenty of options to stay in Orlando as it ranked second when it comes to the number of hotels. You will have a diverse range of hotels and can choose any of them according to the budget and other convenience.

3. Lexington, Kentucky

Possibly the most underrated cities of the USA, Lexington, Kentucky can be a great place to be in. Don’t forget to visit this amazing city if you have equestrian leanings. Lexington, Kentucky is considered as the “horse capital of the world” and the attracted amount of visitors is increasing in an ever fastest manner. Considering the rent, location, and modern style interior, The chic Origin Hotel would be the best option to stay in Lexington, Kentucky.

2. Honolulu, Hawaii

If you haven’t visited Hawaii yet then it’s high time to be there. Honolulu, Hawaii doesn’t require much introduction to the traveler as it makes the list of the best place to visit in the USA with ease. Honolulu is basically is a beach town with gorgeous looking natural scenarios and other attractive locations around. Visitors will get to enjoy a very diverse race, culture, food, etc. Honolulu, Hawaii definitely worth your time and money. You will have a collection of four top-class hotels in a form The Ko Olina Resort just about 15 miles west of Honolulu.

1. Los Angeles, California

Widely known for the film and television industry of the USA, Los Angels, California tops today’s list. The Southern city of California is not only famous for Hollywood. You’ll get to visit the famous J. Paul Getty Museum in Brentwood as well as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Huntington Library is one of the greatest research libraries in the world. Apart from these, there are amazing things like Griffith Park, California Science Center, Pacific Park and many more. Hotel Indigo is the best option If you want to stay in the center of downtown for easy access to all over the city.

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