All the Best things to do in Cagliari Italy

Top Best Things To Do In Cagliari Italy

Cagliari, or Casteddu in Italy to its native people mean Castle referencing the walled medieval city that closed its gates at night to protect itself from onslaught. Now, years later, Cagliari is a beautiful fascinating destination that is a must see for everyone to travel to and so there are many best things to do in Cagliari. The city faces out to the Mediterranean Sea and is backdropped with mountains but its the huge variety of architecture that makes Cagliari so incredibly special.  

Things to do in Cagliari Italy

Walk the City

Cagliari is best seen on foot, taking in the beautiful domed citadel and languishing in the history of the building architecture surrounding you. The city is a maze of cobbled streets that are lined with interesting shops that lend themselves to a true taste of Italy and with vantage points scattered throughout the city, Cagliari truly is one of the most beautiful places to watch the sun rise or set over a piece of Italy. Also in Italy If visiting Assisi is on your mind you can check our blog on Assisi Italy.

Gastro Experience

In true Italian style, Cagliari doesn’t disappoint with its selection of food and drinks on offer.Almost every alley way and street offers a cafe that will serve up food for almost every taste that’s why tasting their cuisine is one of the top things to do in Cagliari, although Italian cuisine is of course, a must. 

What to Do

Take a walk up to Torre dell’Elefante and Torre di San, the two towers that overlook the city. Built in the 14th century to protect the city, these structures have become a popular tourist destination for those who choose to travel to Cagliari. Be warned, they are extremely high but getting over the fear of heights will offer you the most spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea.

No visit to Cagliari would be complete without a visit to the Cattedrale di Santa Maria, a beautiful 13th century cathedral. The beautifully adorned crypts and tombs which house the Savoy family are located inside and if you are into artistic styles, the Baroque decor will be perfect for you. 

Next door to the Cathedral is the Palazzo Vicregio which offer guided tours you can walk which is one of the Cagliari things to do. Once used as the official residence of the Spanish and Savoy viceroys, the Vicregio often still hosts concerts and is available throughout the year to view. 

The Pinacoteca Nazionale which is located next to the Archeology museum in Cagliari Italy and should be visited by anyone who appreciates art. With a huge collection of art dating as far back as the 15th century and fascinating architecture, stepping into the Pinacoteca will transport you back to a time long ago. 

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