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DISNEYLAND – The place of dreams and wonders

“The child inside the hearts never gets old”

Growing up watching the cartoons of Mickey and Money Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, reading and cherishing stories of Cinderella, Snow White and all other cartoon characters and fairy tales was surely a pleasure. These characters have been embedded in the hearts of each child and kids still love these cartoon characters. Watching all these characters alive, dancing around and playing with you with different exciting rides, fireworks, magic shows, shops and what not is nothing lesser than a dream. This dream gets glorified in the Disneyland.

This park was inaugurated almost 64 years ago in July 1955 in Anaheim, California. Walt Disney, the international and renowned American multinational company of media and entertainment directly designed, created and manages the park. The whole park is created on the theme of fairytales and Disney characters. It has been continuously expanded and made more attractive through our the years. And now it’s a form of a complete resort with hotels and restaurants around it. 

The park , basically is divided in eight different regions. Fantasyland is a land of fairytales ,Peter Pan and Pinocchio.The legendary sleeping beauty castle, Snow White’s scary Adventure area, it’s a small world, the dark water ride and Alice’s dark ride is surely a boost for the horror and adventure lovers. The scary haunted mansion which combines modern techniques and age old scary images and concepts and the dark ride of Pirates of Carribean is the Orleans square. Faint hearts are not welcomed to this part of the park. 

 “Tomorrowland” has many attractions like the rocket projection ride Astro Orbiter, the popular race car track Autopia and huge roller coaster “Space Mountain” are some the exciting parts of this land. The critter country is the most peaceful area of the park with lots of trees and plantations. The fans of the honey lover chubby near Winny the Pooh would love this part as small critter houses of Winny and Piglet can be seen here. The adrenaline driving “Splash mountain” is also a part of this area which is actually a huge and high water slide type of ride covered and uncovered between the intervals.Water lovers would definitely enjoy this ride.

Adventure Land with the vehicle based dark ride of Indiana Jones A long with the boating experience of the “Jungle cruise” is equally interesting.Musical depiction of American culture is also exhibited by the “Tiki room”. The frontier land has attractions like the shooting point and mine train themed roller coaster. Sea ride lovers enjoy the full sail ship boating experience in the “the sailing ship “.

In the toon town interaction with cartoon characters like Mickey mouse , Donald Duck, Goofy and others  is cherishable, which is mostly cherished by young children. One of the most famous area of this magical place is the night time parade which is a musical performance by live performers and floats which is surely a worth seeing sight.

The most astonishing sight in the dream world Disney land ate the fireworks.These fireworks are very popular through out the world and a great sight for visitors and photographers. There are many dinning facilities inside the park and in surrounding areas well. Theme  based mini shops and restaurants with nice food options are available in the wonderland. And the hotel facilities is also excellent. 

Disneyland is nothing lesser than a a holiday place, specially for families with kids and adults of related taste. It has all the interesting and enjoyable cartoon characters, themes, rides, music, artwork, boating facilities, car racing, ship rides, fireworks along with good dinning options inside and around the park. It is a place not to be forgotten and is surely a cherishable memory for times to come.

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