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Five best things to do in Seville Spain

Top Best Things to do in Seville Spain for a Fantastic Trip

A city steeped in history, Seville, the southern Spanish capital of the Andalusia region is famous for its flamenco dancing. But by digging a little deeper, travelers will discover city bursting with opposing architecture and a history so rich and deep that one day could never do justice to. Following is the list of some of the Best things to do in Seville Spain.

Alcazar of Seville

The Alcazar of Seville is an ornate castle complex that is open for tourists and travelers to walk. Built during the Almohad Moorish dynasty as a fort in 930AD, the complex once housed the Moorish kings So, a historical place and for tourists one of the top things to do in Seville Spain. Beautiful gardens and exquisite medjar architecture makes this the perfect place to walk and take in history. 

Seville Cathedral

Spain is rich in history and as there are many things to do in Seville It doesn’t disappoint when it comes to those who want to take in the sights and sounds by foot. Boasting the world’s third largest church Seville’s landmark doesn’t come without a tumultuous history. Built on the former site of the 12th century Almohad Mosque the Seville Cathedral is the final resting place of Christopher Columbus. 

The Giralda

At 341 feet high, the Giralda cathedral bell tower was originally the minaret of one of the many mosques that used to occupy Spain. The bronze weathervane that tops the cathedral bell tower was mounted as a symbol of faith in the 16th century. 

The Torre del Oro

The Torre del Oro or the Tower of Gold sits on the banks of the Guadalquiver River and houses the Naval Museum and its sight for visitors and tourists can be one of the best things to do in Seville. Reflecting Spain’s colonial expansion of the America’s history buffs will be in seventh heaven wandering through pristinely kept artifacts. A good mix of Spanish and Moorish history shows the walker the dynamic of Spain’s rich culture.

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Maria Luisa Park 

During the 1929 Ibero American expo the Maria Luisa Park was in its hay day. Now it serves as a tranquil park nestled along the city’s river banks. Walking the area will allow you to take in famous Spanish Flamenco dancing and eating traditional street foods. It is the perfect place to rest and cool down during a typical summer in Spain. 

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