The Historical location and scenic views in Ronda Spain

How To Explore The Beauty Of Ronda Spain

The only way to describe Ronda Spain is magical travel destination. Built across the El Tajo gorge, the world famous Puente Nuevo Bridge looms large in the village. It is rich with history and offers some of the most scenic views Spain has to offer. Walking around Ronda is easy, with everything you need to see being within 5 minutes from the bridge. Wearing your walking shoes is essential though. The cobbled streets and mixture between old and new facilities means your feet will suffer if you do not come prepared. 

Things you should do in Ronda Spain

Puento Nuevo – The Ronda Bridge

World famous, the Puento Nuevo bridge is one of the most famous landmarks in Ronda Spain. The views from the bridge and from below the bridge are spectacular. At 120m high, the bridge is rich in history and was built in the 18th century, connecting the old Moor town with the more modern sections of the village. Below you, the El Tajo gorge offers breathtaking views of the bridge and of the surrounding architecture. 

Plaza de Toros

The oldest building in Ronda Spain, Plaza de Toros de Ronda was built in 1785 by Jose Martin Aldehuela, the same architect who designed and built Puento Nuevo. Regardless of your opinion on bullfighting, the Plaza is a part of Spain’s culture and history and the arena itself is a beautiful homage to a time gone by. Did you know that Seville in Spain is also a tourists favorite might just give it a read here !

Bano Arabes

The Arabic bath or Banos Arabes is an amazingly preserved and restored traditional Arabic bath. Once again, history plays an important part of this tourist attraction but more importantly, it is the perfect place to relax and take some time out. Walking to the baths is easy and with three rooms available, hot, medium and cold means that you are able to have some much needed downtime in the middle of your travel itinerary. 


No trip to Ronda Spain would be complete without experiencing traditional tapas, Spanish food. The village centre is lined with traditional restaurants offering an array of food from cheeses to a variety of cured meats and local mushrooms, if they are in season. Don’t forget that Spain is famous for their wines and Ronda’s Serrania de Ronda wine route will ensure that you are spoiled for choice with the finest wines on offer.

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