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Trip to Venice, Italy

For a family, friends or romantic getaways, Venice stands out as the perfect destination. Built on Islands in a lagoon, city of Venice with its canals, bridges, and palace stands out as one of the world’s most tourist destination sites. Being a city on water, buildings are separated from each other by numerous narrow canals making the city pearl of Europe. The various tourists cite like the Grand Canal, The St. Mark’s Square, Doges palace among others, makes it an ideal and worthy a Place of a visit.

St. Mark’sSquare

From St. Mark’sSquare you can be able to visit basilica San Marco which is the most beautiful and best-designed cathedral in the world. Inside the cathedral, there is a museum making it’s a tourist attraction site. At this point, you can be able to listen to bells of San Marco which is the bell tower of Saint mark basilica. In addition to that, in this square, there is the NationalArcheologicalMuseum, which was founded in 1523 by cardinal Domenico and consists of various collections from the 16th century over a century.

Doges Palace and Bridge of Sighs.

This is one of the most recognizable places in Venice which was residence to Doge head of the Republic of Venice. It has a gothic style located in the center of Venice and gives you the possibility to see St.Mark’s Square and the bell tower. Its museum shows how the city was organized during its early periods. Inside, you can be able to visit Doges lodging, armory, prison, courtyard, and council chamber. There is also La Bocca di Leone being wall sculpture where people used to denounce criminal activities by hanging a note also acts is worth seeing while at this place.

Grand canal.

Through the city of Venice is the grand canal connecting Piazza San Marco, Rialto bridge, and arrival points of the rail station and bridge from the mainland. At Grand Canal, you can be able to enjoy Water bus tours and Venice gondola rides. With such rider along the canal, one can be able to enjoy the rides and enjoy the waters of Venice and be in a position to take pictures of various places like Bridge of Signs from below. A simple glimpse of the canal will be from the Rialto bridge. Ride along the canal with the gondola is always romantic and ideal to try it.

Murano and Burano.

Trip to Venice will never be complete without a ride across Murano being home of Venice glass workers. Here there is Glass Museum with the largest and most important collections of Venetian glass from Romans time to 20th century and is worthy of visiting. Burano is a small island known for lacemaking, fishing, and colorful houses; hence it’s very colorful and makes great pictures. The food in Burano is very delicious consisting of various kinds of seafood hence worth every penny.

Venice is a wonderful place to visit with its beautiful examples of art and architecture. The art in various places makes Venice a good place to take photos serving as a reminder in the future. Discover the treasures of Venice streets and charming canals and do water trips along the canal with the gondola. The foods and wines of Italy are also worthy of giving a try once in Venice. A trip for family friends or couple would always be ideal with the various destinations in place.

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