Make Your Trip To Xai Xai Mozambique Rememorable

How To Make Your Trip To Xai Xai Mozambique Rememorable

In the south of Mozambique, on the eastern side of the Limpopo river is Xai Xai, a hidden treasure for those wanting to explore a lesser known beach travel destination. With rolling white sand beaches that sing under your feet, a warm sea that invites visitors into its soft rolling waves and amazing food, Xai Xai Mozambique is an absolute must for those who travel. 

The Hungry Traveler

Driving into Xai Xai open air furniture and fruit and vegetable markets span as far as the eye can see. With Cashew nuts being a staple trade of the area, and an abundance of seafood caught fresh every morning, self catering travel is easy for those on a budget which is one of the reasons people love to travel to Xai Xai Mozambique. If restaurant food is more up your alley you will not be disappointed with this corner of Africa. Restaurants are littered along the pristine beaches and with a 10km stretch of resorts there are no shortages. Specialising in traditional Portuguese infused food, there is something for every hungry traveler on the menu. 

What to Do

If lazing on the white beaches of the coast of Africa isn’t enough, Xai Xai has some of the best activities for those wanting more of an activities filled getaway. Snorklers and divers are spoiled for choice with large untouched coral reefs that run parallel to the shore of the main beach.The sea is calm and during low tide, coral pools can be explored. 

Wenela Tidal Pool, 2km South of Xai Xai is a natural underwater blow hole tidal pool. The pool is as a result of an underwater channel pushing through into the ocean creating a whale’s blow hole effect. 

Bird lovers will be in seventh heaven with both river and fresh water lake viewing less than 30 minutes drive from Xai Xai. Huge varieties of birds call these bodies of water their home. Activities are, of course plenty along the river and lakes. Paddle skiing, canoeing and kite surfing are all up for offer, or relaxed bird hives are available to those who prefer a more relaxed approach. 

Off road enthusiasts are mum about Africa’s best kept secret. Xai Xai Mozambique has some of the best established off road trailing areas available in Southern Africa and with excellent cellular reception one doesn’t have to worry about breaking down. Most of these off road trail companies offer four wheeler day tours as well off road motorbiking options for those not coming with their own vehicle. 

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